Agile Software Development & Managementmethoden

On the basis of agile methods, we develop complex enterprise web solutions and digital products that allow for continuous adaptation of requirements during the development phase.

High-quality developments with high business value - lean, transparent and flexible. Digital transformation presents companies with various challenges. One goal is the comprehensive digitization and networking of business processes. IT is essentially the key factor in the implementation process. In daily business, on the other hand, digital change requires adapted forms of project management in all departments. In recent years, agile methods and procedures for project management have therefore become increasingly established. Agile, Lean, Kanban, Scrum, Waterfall... Discussion about the appropriate management method quickly turns into an ideological war of faith. Start-ups and smaller IT companies have been using Agile routinely since then, and their success has attracted more attention. Large companies and global players want to integrate agile methods such as Scrum into their own processes to a greater extent because of these chances of success. The classic waterfall model is therefore increasingly being replaced by agile frameworks.

Short development cycles (sprints) with functioning software elements per cycle

  • Creation of a product vision, allocation of requirements into partial tasks
  • Clear definitions of requirements together with the customer
  • Prioritizing and focusing on subtasks in a sprint
  • Flexible, iterative development of subtasks in short cycles
  • Regular communication between project team and customers
  • Visible project progress and working software elements that are easier to evaluate and adapt
  • Flexibility and short reaction times to changes also possible at a later stage of development

Wir konzipieren, implementieren und betreiben Business Applikationen und IT Infrastrukturen. Unsere IT-Solutions decken die Bereiche Softwareentwicklung, App Entwicklung, Web Entwicklung, IT Beratung und Managed Services ab.


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