Service contracts, consultants and contractors for projects or resource bottlenecks

Contracting - Are you looking for reinforcement for your projects? No matter how complex and highly specialized the tasks are, we will find the right solution quickly and reliably. Because we know not only your market well. We also know the IT experts: specialists, project managers, system architects and developers.

We use our professionals at your company whenever specialist know-how is needed. Benefit from our expertise and the quality of our employees and freelancer partners who have a solid IT-specific or commercial education, a degree in business administration or computer science or are excellent career changers.

Simply tell us your requirements and we will advise you competently in order to find the optimal environment for you. Our developers and consultants are suitable for software development, procurement, support, application support, administration and of course also for IT project management and IT management. We always keep our knowledge up to date with the latest technology. By analytical thinking we understand very complex tasks in your company and implement your wishes quickly


The skills of our IT experts:

  • IT project management and management (SCRUM, ITIL, agile methods)
  • Software development (Python, Go, C#, JavaScript HTML etc.)
  • Frontend and Web Development
  • business intelligence
  • Database experts (NoSQL, SQL)
  • Experts for IT operations (cloud computing, IT architecture, data center specialists, VoIP, storage, virtualization, security)
  • Architecture (SOA, UML, RUP, MVC etc.)
  • IT quality assurance and management 
  • Software experts (ERP, CRM, BI, SCM, ECM, BPM etc.)
  • network administration
  • system administration 
  • User Helpdesk
  • 1st, 2nd und 3rd Level Support




Wir konzipieren, implementieren und betreiben Business Applikationen und IT Infrastrukturen. Unsere IT-Solutions decken die Bereiche Softwareentwicklung, App Entwicklung, Web Entwicklung, IT Beratung und Managed Services ab.


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