UX Design / Dev

New appearance? An app? More conversions? Image enhancement? Market establishment? We are happy to enter every phase of your project and support you in being even more successful. You have to know and understand the needs and wishes of the target group in order to create a consistently positive user experience for the users. The websites themselves are no longer the focus of the Internet experience.

UX Designer combines their research and design skills to understand the needs of users and to develop concepts/solutions/designs that users want to use. This requires a focus on human behavior, psychology and understanding why people do what they do. It's all that soft, slushy, creative stuff on the right side of the brain.  Most UXers can tell you what to do and why to do it, but they can't really build something that works.

Application Developer build the underlying functionality that makes the product work. It's about code, logic and the left brain.  One often hears from developers:"I can make it work, but it won't look nice".

UI developers fill the middle ground by combining both design sensitivity and technical skills. You are able to develop something that looks good and works in a browser/device at the same time. You have the production knowledge to create visual designs. 

Based on your business requirements, we design prototypes that serve as a further basis for discussion and are optimized step-by-step in an iterative process. Users can be involved at an early stage.

We design digital surfaces that are aesthetically pleasing, match the brand and meet user expectations.

In most cases, the entire project is divided into short project phases - so-called sprints - which are implemented one after the other.

  • Creation of a product vision, allocation of requirements into partial tasks
  • Clear definitions of requirements together with the customer
  • Prioritizing and focusing on subtasks in a sprint
  • Flexible, iterative development of subtasks in short cycles
  • Regular communication between project team and customers
  • Visible project progress and working software elements that are easier to evaluate and adapt
  • Flexibility and short reaction times to changes also possible at a later stage of development


  • Graphic conception and design of the web interface and navigation, considering the target group
  • Development of information and navigation architecture
  • Control and optimization of the source code of the web pages for a flawless display in different web browsers, also on mobile devices
  • Programming client-side scripts (JavaScript, ActionScript) as part of a web application or user interface
  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • CSS and JavaScript Frameworks (AngularJS, React)
  • CSS preprocessing (Sass, LESS)
  • web usability
  • Mobile & tablet first design
  • response design
  • Service design
  • Implementation of accessibility guidelines for accessible websites
  • typography
  • Agile and lean UX
  • rapid prototyping
  • participatory design
  • Persuasive design
  • Crowd sourced design
  • Testing / Debugging / Execution of usability tests
  • Version Control / Git

Wir konzipieren, implementieren und betreiben Business Applikationen und IT Infrastrukturen. Unsere IT-Solutions decken die Bereiche Softwareentwicklung, App Entwicklung, Web Entwicklung, IT Beratung und Managed Services ab.


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