Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize more than just the financial sector by transforming business models and connecting different parties.

Blockchain is a technology for the verification of data transactions. Until recently, the blockchain was mainly associated with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. But it is becoming increasingly clear that many other areas can also benefit from it. The block chain enables so-called Smart Contracts, i. e."smart" contracts that are concluded independently of third parties and still guarantee legal certainty. The blockchain displays a kind of digital account book or transaction repository. It records transactions of values between market participants. These values can be available in various forms: as goods, money, rights or information. At the same time, Smart Contracts allow contracts to come into force automatically under certain conditions, similar to an "If... then" condition. The Blockchain is essentially an alternative to certificates, state registers and public certifications. It is based on the idea that the truth and accuracy of their information is ensured by the large number of public copies of themselves within the community.

We help companies evaluate Blockchain for their organization. In the first step we will explain the functionality, the basic added value and possible general use cases of the block chain. Based on this, we will work with you to look at the use cases that are relevant for your company.


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